MATIRAN is the abbreviation of ‘Markaz Tolid Asnad IRAN’ in Persian, which means ‘IRAN Security Document Production Centre’.


Identity SecNovation®

Since 1990, when MATIRAN was established, all Travel and Identity Documents have been produced at this Company.

As the sole Digital Identity Management Centre in IRAN, MATIRAN had always strive forward to develop the security of all documents based on the latest innovations. This is what MATIRAN Team follow: ‘Identity Secnovation®’.



We are the trusted partner and provider of products, services, and solutions. MATIRAN endeavour is not limited by the technology. We take benefit of the latest innovations in the security print industry and share our knowledge as well as experience with every client.

MATIRAN believes in a close honest cooperation in this ever-changing industry.


Through proficiency we analyse our clients’ requirements to provide the best and most competitive solution.

In order to provide highly- secure documents and as a total solution provider, MATIRAN handles everything from initial design to final delivery. Services include design, pre-press, printing, binding, developing soft wares for issuance and monitoring, supplying hard wares, packaging, shipping, installation, training, and maintenance.